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Lighting Bundles

The Chauvet GigBar2 Scrim Bundle

This bundle features the updated Chauvet GigBar 2, as well as a Scrim King triple-sided speaker stand cover. TIP: Add an LED par light to this bundle to uplight the white scrim!

Bundle Includes:

Bundle Price: $749.99  Add Bundle

The ADJ Pocket Pro Bundle

Want to get started with moving head lights? Heres a great starter kit! Featuring 2x American DJ Pocket Pro LED moving head lights, this bundle includes ADJs new CSL LED light tripod stand, a t-bar attachment and clamps for the moving heads. A great way to start messing around with moving head technology without breaking the bank!

Bundle Includes:

Bundle Price: $1,099.00  Add Bundle

The Antari Fog Fluid Bundle

Do you go through lots of fog fluid? You might as well save some money! With this bundle, save $5 on a case of Antari UVG water-based fog fluid. Always in stock!

Bundle Includes:

Bundle Price: $74.80  Add Bundle

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