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Focal Clear Pro

The new Focal Clear Pro headphones are so comfortable that the user forgets they are wearing them, and the listening experience, like listening to the best monitor speakers, takes over. Clear Professional headphones take their place as a key staple for the most demanding professionals. These professional headphones have just one, unique objective: to be the ultimate tool for music production.

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Clear Professional uses a new generation of Focals 40mm fullrange speaker. A 24.5mm diameter, 5.5mm long unsupported copper coil has been developed. This major innovation weighs just 100mg. The material chosen, copper, has the effect of achieving an extremely high magnetic field in the coil. With this, the moving parts are always under control, even at maximum capacity, providing bass articulation worthy of the best subwoofers. Its 55-Ohm impedance makes Clear Professional easy to drive, even in a mobile configuration, directly connected to the headphone output of a laptop. The proprietary 75-micronsuspension combines very low mass with high elongation.

It contributes to exceptional impulse response with breakup raised to 24kHz. Thus, high frequencies are extremely linear and transients are reproduced accurately. Clear Professional headphones are capable of precisely revealing the tiniest details of the recording, providing extremely precise control so the user can hear the most subtle changes.

Product Features:
  • Remarkable tonal balance over the entire spectrum
  • Bass articulation, down to the very lowest frequencies
  • Great detail in the high frequencies
  • A listening experience very close to a pair of monitor speakers
  • Comfort and ergonomics
  • Design and materials used
  • Excellent performance connected to a laptop computer
  • 2 cables provided, for each type of use
  • Rigid carrying case provided