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Introducing Focal SHAPE Studio Monitors

Introducing Focal SHAPE Studio Monitors

Posted 2017-04-05

Introducing a whole new kind of studio monitor! Today atMusikmesse 2017, Focal has announced its newest line of studio monitors, the Shape Family! Composed of three monitors, Shape 40, Shape 50 and Shape 65, these monitors are expected to arrive at PA Shop by the end of May 2017.

This new Shape line with a unique design is an innovative solution for nearfield monitoring. Designed to meet the needs of sound engineers looking for nearfield monitoring equipment, these speakers offer an unrivalled solution for those working in environments with limited space. They combine creative design and numerous settings optimised for the acoustics of small studios.

These professional tools combine a compact design, extended response in the low end and exclusive technologies to ensure transparent sound. These loudspeakers also feature major innovations which are the result of 3 years of research and development. The latest generation of Flax cones and the new "M"-shaped aluminum-magnesium dome tweeter are both made in France, making these speakers truly unique products.

Check out these stunning studio monitors and pre-order today!

Focal Shape 40 - $699ea. - click here

Focal Shape 50 - $899ea. - click here

Focal Shape 65 - $1199ea. - click here

Check out the full line of Focal studio monitors here!