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If you already have a made a purchase online since September 1st, 2011, you are already automatically registered, and making any purchase online or in-store will automatically add to your reward points balance!

If you shop with us in-store, just ask your customer service rep to activate Reward Points+ for your existing membership - you will be able to access your points in seconds!

If you have purchased with us recently and you don't see your reward points balance when you log in, contact us today so that we can update your account.

Redeeming Points

To redeem your points, log in to the website and then visit this page - select any rewards item that you have enough points for and click the Redeem Points button.

If you don't see the redeem points button, keep saving!

How does it work?

Everything we sell online is eligible for reward points, as well as everything we rent!

Make your purchases online or in store, and we will keep track of your points.

Get all of the equipment and supplies you and your organization need with us, and watch your points rack up!

It's Automatic!

Your Reward Points+ balance will show on your sales receipts. Redeeming your points is easy - just visit this page and select any item that you qualify for and redeem you points - we will automatically process your reward and contact you - it's that easy!

Every time you log in you can watch your points balance grow!

New items added weekly! Check back soon!

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