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Hosa GXJ-235

Balanced 1/4" Female to XLR Male. This adaptor simply converts a 1/4" to an XLR. Works with Balanced or unbalanced cables....

Hosa GXX-195

Polarity Cross, Reverse Phase XLR Female to XLR Male....

Hosa NBR-253

Hosa NBR-253 RCA Female To BNC Male

Hosa MIT-176

Hosa MIT-176 XLRF To 1/4in Male Impedance Transformer


Digiflex HXX-GENDER-MM XLR M to M Gender Switcher


Digiflex HXX-GROUND-LIFT XLR F to M ground lift adaptor


Digiflex HXX-PHASE-REVERSE XLR F to M phase reverse adaptor

Digiflex NLPAD20X

Digiflex NLPAD20X XLR Signal pad -20db


ACCU-CABLE AC5PM3PFM 5-Pin Male to 3-Pin Female DMX Adaptor