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Designed for professional DJs and electronic music producers, AKG K167 DJ headphones feature an over-ear, closed-back design for serious comfort and maximum noise rejection. The large 40mm drivers deliver high sound pressure levels with impressive audio quality - even on the loudest club stages.


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Thanks to their sleek design and roadworthy construction, the K167 DJ headphones are suitable for multiple applications, from the stage to the studio. The rugged headband easily bends to accommodate any listening position, and can be folded into a compact size for easy transport.

With their dynamic closed-back design, AKG K167 DJ headphones are ideal for the most demanding professionals. They deliver brilliant sound and uncompromising performance for DJing, monitoring, mixing, mastering, and live sound engineering.

"As a DJ and producer, my aim is to always give my fans a breathtaking audio experience that theyll never forget. AKG DJ headphones are perfect for those who want the best quality of sound, but dont wish to compromise on style - whether youre looking to mix in the studio, perform live or listen when youre on the move.
~ Tisto

Product Features:
  • Over-ear (circum-aural) closed-back design for the greatest possible noise attenuation
  • XRP glass-fiber reinforced polymer parts ensure maximum durability and low weight
  • Powerful 40mm drivers with low resonance for high sound pressure even at low frequencies
  • Roadworthy design ensures dependable performance
  • 3D-axis professional folding mechanism for flat storage and easy transport

Product Specifications:
  • Headphone type: closed
  • Audio Frequency bandwidth: 10 | 27000 Hz
  • Sensitivity headphones: 112 dB SPL/V
  • Rated Impedance: 32 Ohms
  • Earpads: Leatherette
  • Cable Length: 1.2 to 5.5 m
  • Earpads Replaceable: yes
  • Foldable: yes