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American DJ ADJ RFC

RF (Radio frequency) wireless remote control compatible with specific ADJ products.

Product Features:

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Category: Lighting:Accessories:Remotes


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  • Black Out: Turns fixture On/Off
  • Auto Run: Automatically run through built-in programs
  • Program Selection: Access units built-in programs
  • Flash: Strobe effect
  • Speed: Control speed of Auto Run
  • Sound Active: Activates sound active mode
  • RGB Buttons: Adjust RGB colors with the + and - buttons
  • + and Buttons: Adjust flash rate, speed of the Auto Run and Program Selection

Product Specifications:
  • Mega Bar RGBA
  • WiFLY Par QA5
  • WiFLY Bar QA5
  • WiFLY Bar RGBA
  • Mega Go Flood Par
  • Mega Par Profile System
  • Jelly Par Profile System