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Apogee Control

Sometimes, it just feels right to have hardware control at your fingertips! With the Apogee Control hardware remote,you gain lightning access to input and output levels using the large Symphony-inspired Control knob and 3 control knob focus buttons,
plus immediate access to a wide range of functions using the 8 user-configurable buttons. Apogee Control Hardware Remote connects directly to your Mac using a simple USB cable.

8 user-assignable buttons offer a wide variety of functions:
  • Analog Input control - input type, 48V, soft limit, group, polarity
  • Analog Output control - mute, dim, sum to mono, speaker set selection, reference level
  • Engage Talkback
  • Launch Control software app

  • Hardware remote accessory for Symphony I/O Mk II and Element series I/O interfaces
  • Symphony-inspired Control Knob plus Input, Headphones and Speaker control knob focus buttons for lightning access to input and output levels.
  • Connects to Mac with supplied USB cable
  • Compatible with Symphony I/O Mk II, Element 24, Element 46 and Element 88 audio interfaces

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  • USB Cable
  • Quickstart Guide
  • Warranty booklet