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Califone PA919Q

Product Description:

The PowerPro is an easy-to-use PA system that's as powerful as it is flexible.

A portable sound system needs to be just that portable. The rechargeable battery-powered PowerPro has built-in wheels and a telescoping 4-position handle so it can be easily moved around for indoor or outdoor activities at schools, sporting events, hotels, conference and event facilities, houses of worship functions, for ceremonies and emergency response situations. A single 90-watt speaker can effortlessly handle 1,000 people and many more with additional wired or wireless speakers.

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The PowerPro is fully self-contained sound system with a CD player and cassette player/recorder that can handle straight audio reinforcement for two wireless mics and playing music through its CD player and has all of the necessary input connections to play audio from computers and other devices.

Since distributed sound to an audience is preferable to a single source, the PowerPro is the first portable PA which can transmit audio to an unlimited number of wireless companion speakers (within its 300' range). It can also be cabled to additional speakers.

The PowerPro is available individually or bundled in several different PA packages. The PA919A Wireless package combines one PA919 wireless speaker with a wireless companion speaker (PA919PS) and comes with a wireless handheld (Q319) and wired mic (PADM515), remote volume control, two tripods (TP50), and floor stand with mic holder to accommodate groups up to 2,000 people. Our Deluxe package, PA919D, has one PA919, one PA919SP non-powered support speaker, one wired and wireless mic, two tripods, mic holder floor stand and speaker cable. The PA919B is our Basic package which includes one PA919, wired mic, tripod, mic holder and floor stand.

The PA919M package includes one PA919, one beltpack transmitter (M319) and one hands-free headset mic (HBM319) while the PA919Q package includes one PA919 with one handheld wireless mic (Q319).

Product Features:

  • 300' transmission to an unlimited number of Wireless Companion Speakers for unlimited coverage and effortless set up
  • Use up to 2 wireless UHF mics and two wired mics at one time for more dynamic presentations and performances
  • Cassette Player/Recorder tapes student speeches from mic input or programmable CD player
  • Variable Speed feature alters cassette play speed for differentiated learning in dance rehearsals or cheerleading practice
  • Voice Priority feature automatically lowers music volume for announcements and returns level afterwards
  • Programmable CD Player plays CD, CD-R/RW formats, LCD display, includes shuffle and repeat functions
  • Five LED lights on front gives visual confirmation of system functioning
  • Line-Out with individual volume control adjusts level of powered companion speakers when connected with cable
  • Built-in charging circuit restores battery automatically when the unit is plugged in
  • Separate Treble, Bass controls and digital master volume control
  • Steel Skid Guards prevent damage from hauling on stairs
  • Speaker Mute function for main and companion speakers
  • Recessed Tripod Mount
  • Switched/unswitched speaker out
  • 3.5" go anywhere wheels move easily on pavement and grass
  • Transmits wireless audio to other PA919SD, PA919, PA919PS, or PA319 speakers
  • Steel-reinforced molded pull-up handle has 4 adjustable positions
  • 90 watts RMS
  • AC/DC powered for indoor/outdoor flexibility