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Califone PA-IRSYS

Califone understands that the proper utilization of audio technology can assist classroom learning and student comprehension.

Acknowledged research validates the use of enhanced sound field amplification in learning areas. The Infrared Classroom Audio System delivers all of the benefits of sound field amplification with greater audio coverage & reception with dual ceiling sensors to expand the coverage area and avoids “drop out” of the signals. Two wireless mics ensure the teacher and students will be heard by everyone in addition to amplifying audio played from computers and other sources. It can also connect with secondary systems (such as an assistive listening system) as well as announcements made from the school's main office.

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The Califone Infrared Classroom Audio Systems will help:

Improve academic achievement
Increase on-task behavior
Increase attention to verbal instruction
Improve comprehension for English Language Learners
Improve ease of listening and teaching
Reduce vocal strain and fatigue on teachers

Works with PC/MAC teleconferencing systems such as Microsoft® Netmeeting so the entire class can participate in distance learning applications

The benefits of the Infrared Classroom Audio System are enhanced by its use of “array” speakers. Array speakers are most commonly seen at concerts and they deliver several advantages of being used in the classroom:

Array speakers target a tighter sound pattern directly at the audience with a narrower projection pattern. (A wider pattern bounces the sound off the walls and windows, which adds additional disruptive background noise to the very environment the system was installed to overcome.)

Array speakers distribute the sound more evenly so the volume levels are the same at the front & rear of the room.