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Califone WS-AL10

This 10-person Assistive Listening System (WS-series) is designed for audio amplificiation for a select group of listeners in auditoriums, theatres, and other settings. With up to a 300' transmission range from the transmitter to the listeners*, this System delivers maximum flexibility.

The unique functionality of the WS-series also enables it to be used in houses of worship, for business functions, translation activities, and other settings where mobile audio assistance is needed.

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Category: Video & Multimedia:Educational:PA Systems


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System Includes:
  • 1x WS-T transmitter
  • 10x WS-R receivers
  • 1x WS-CR beltpack recharging cradle
  • 10x 3060AV headphones
  • 3x WS-CH 4-piece beltpack rechargers
  • 1x WS-CHP Power Adapter for 4-piece WS-CH
  • 1x WS-CS12 Case