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Celemony Melodyne Studio (download)

Melodyne studio gives you all the functions that have made Melodyne one of the most valued tools in professional music production. Human hearing is particularly sensitive when it comes to vocal tracks, which is why producers all over the world are grateful that intonation and timing corrections with Melodyne studio are practically inaudible. Correct the notes quickly and easily with the help of a macro or drag them with the mouse to the correct pitch or position in time. Fine-tune their length, their volume or the intensity of their vibrato.

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With Melodyne studio, you can see and edit not just one but as many tracks as you like. So you can create with extraordinary ease multi-voice arrangements from a source track with only one voice, taking advantage even of the possibility of outputting each individual voice via
a separate channel in the mixer. You can quantize tracks using other tracks for reference and even copy pitches from one audio track to another.

Product Features:
  • Multi-track audio editing and arranging environment
  • Audio-to-MIDI: converts monophonic audio material accurately into MIDI for the realtime control of synthesizers
  • Integrated mixing console with hosting capability for effects and instruments (for the audio-to-MIDI function)
  • Activation on up to two computers or via iLok
  • Manual or automatic correction of intonation and timing errors
  • Refashioning of melodies, timing and rhythm
  • Transposition including adjustment to scale
  • Modifying various note parameters such as volume, vibrato, formant spectrum
  • Pitch shifting and time stretching
  • Re-Quantization

Minimum System Requirements:
  • Dual (Core) PowerPC G5 or Intel Dual Core processor, 2 GB RAM
  • Mac OS X 10.4 or later
  • Intel or AMD Dual Core processor, 2 GB RAM
  • Windows XP (SP2 or SP3), Windows Vista or Windows 7
  • ASIO-compatible audio hardware
  • Works as a plug-in (VST, AU, RTAS) in compatible DAWs under Mac OS X and Windows
  • May be used in stand-alone mode