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Ear Sonics S-EM9

The S-EM9 represents the best we can propose for a universal earphone. What only remains is that you try it ... and discover music again. Building on the S-EM6 success, we decided to continue this great adventure and enlarge the S-EM family. Our new proprietary drivers and knowledge gained through EM32 and Velvet development have opened a new path for us. An acrylic earphone, handmade, integrating all our latest advances.

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Category: Live Performance:In-Ear Monitors:Ear Sets


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With the ultimate audio quality for a universal in-ear earphone. Free reign was given to our development department. All of which to achieve the desired result.

Great care was given to our 8 th universal generation shape development. Completely redesigned, its offer unequaled compactness and ergonomics regarding the number of drivers in each earpiece. The S-EM9 offers an innovative new architecture using new proprietary drivers, and a exclusive 3 way crossoving system. Its result a fully sound in all spectrum register. The S-EM9 offer a new 3-channel cannula profile. It combines optimal phase management through 3 asymmetrical channels and maximum treble extension.

Product Specifications:
  • Sensibility: 121 dB/mW
  • Frequency Response: 5 Hz -20 kHz
  • DCR: 38,5 ohms
  • Driver: 9 drivers with 3 way crossover
  • Made In France

In The Box:
  • SEM-9 with is replaceable cable
  • 4 Comply tips
  • 4 silicon tips
  • 1 cleaning tool
  • Carrying box
  • User manual