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Ear Sonics SM2-IFI

The SM2-IFI was born from the desire to provide audio high-end access , at very competitive price with quality component.
Also, preserving the EarSonics spirit. The SM2-IFI EarSonics offer the best choice to enter high-end audio listening. Completely new sound design, the SM2-iFI becomes the Earsonics gateway range model and replaces the excellent SM1 with 100% new components. We opted for a new two large transducers architecture for best headroom and easy drive, also a new crossover design for "audiophile" clearer sound.

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Category: Live Performance:In-Ear Monitors:Ear Sets


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The SM2-IFI is our our latest products knowledge development result, as well as audiophiles requests and demands. We know that the cable will always stay the weak point of any earphones. Thats why weve designed our cable to make it resistant and also replaceable.