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Elunevision EV-T3-106-1.0


Give your entertainment the big-screen treatment it deserves with this Elunevision Reference Studio 4K tab-tensioned motorized projector screen. The large 106" screen features a 180-degree viewing angle and 16:9 aspect ratio, and is perfect for both 2D and 3D viewing. The Pure-Flat tensioning system helps ensure the screen stays flat.

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More Information

The texture-less material is made from soft white 1.0 gain material, so you'll get to enjoy superbly detailed images without any hot spotting, sparkles, or texturing

The screen material is a near perfect lambertian diffuser, so it disperses light evenly in a hemispherical distribution, creating a perfectly balanced image at every angle

This projector screen's entirely neutral material eliminates colour shifts and the need for recalibration with most projectors

The screen material is fire resistant and easily cleaned

With zero texturing, this screen provides picture perfect geometry and ensures absolute preservation of sharpness, resolution, and detail clarity; this makes it perfect for 4K resolution from today's high-end 4K projectors, as well as from future 4K projectors

The Pure Flat tensioning system includes a heavily-weighted solid steel bar that pulls the screen flat and eliminates swaying

The tensioned tabs on each side pull the screen horizontally to provide a flat surface, free of curling

While pairing the screen with a 4K projector will provide optimum performance, you can also use it with any projector

The screen works best in environments where ambient light is controlled

This projector screen was tested to minimize 3D crosstalk, which helps decrease viewer fatigue and maximize 3D immersion

The mounting brackets on each end allow you to place the screen where you want: hung from the wall, fixed to the ceiling, or hung from a chain