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Focal Listen Pro

With the new Focal Listen Pro headphones, sound engineers have total control over their work, whether theyre in the studio or traveling on a business trip. Besides their undisputable acoustic performance, the headphones also provide maximum comfort. Available at an affordable price, these headphones will amaze users with their high-quality audio and dynamics, which can often only be experienced with more expensive headphones.

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The tonal balance and the capacity to reproduce an extremely wide audio spectrum with precision make them an essential ally for monitoring and audio transfers. The comfort they provide, and the accessories supplied make the Listen Professional headphones appealing to those travel a lot as well.

Like the new Focal Clear Pro headphones, Listen Pro is also equipped with a head- band boasting a unique design to ensure comfort and durability. Its curve remains consistent, regardless of the shape or size of the users head. Combined with the layer of silicone underneath the headband, this ensures that the weight is spread out evenly over the head, preventing the user from feeling any pressure in any specific area, which is often very uncomfortable during long working sessions.

Professional headphones are synonymous with frequent and intense use. Therefore, extensive research was undertaken prior to the design phase in order to guarantee high mechanical reliability. Proof of this is the headbands capacity to withstand all sorts of strain on all of the 53 components. The horizontal and vertical rotation of the ear cups operate thanks to one single part: a joint integrated into each one. The ear cups also feature a black structured covering, making them resistant to impacts and scratching.

Listen Pro headphones give a nod to the brands monitoring loudspeakers when it comes to tonal balance and its color code. The black structure combined with the burgundy on the ear cushions and under the headband, is reminiscent of the famous finish of the Focal Solo6 Be, Twin6 Be and Trio6 Be loudspeakers.