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Galaxy Audio AS-TXRM

The Audio Link Transmitter will transmit audio signal to any of our Traveler Series Speakers and the PA6SR (except TV4). It is designed to take a mixed signal and send it to the speakers wirelessly. The AS-TXRM can also act as the mixer; its easy with a XLR, ", and RCA inputs between two channels, each having their own volume control. So a microphone, CD player, IPod, etc can be inserted and transmitted to your speakers. The AS-TXRM can be rack mounted or placed on a table top.

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Category: Microphones:Wireless:Transmitters


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The AS-TXRM can also transmit to the AS-QUAD. This is used to transmit signal to a remote room (like a cry room), overflow, or from the playing field to the press box.

Product Features:
  • 96 selectable channels
  • LCD display
  • Channel selector
  • UHF Frequency
  • RF and AF indicator
  • Volume control