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The K&M 259-BLACK is a low-level, telescopic microphone stand with foldable legs. The short height is ideal for use with instruments like amplifiers and percussion. This stand comes with a 2-piece boom arm for ideal flexibility.

Product Features:

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  • Boom Arm: 2-piece telescopic design
  • Boom Arm Clamping: T-bar locking screw
  • Boom Arm Length: from 470 to 775 mm
  • Height: from 425 to 645 mm
  • Height Adjustment: clutch
  • Leg Construction: socket with foldable legs
  • Material: steel
  • Rod Combination: 2-piece folding design
  • Special Features: low-level microphone stand; zinc die-cast base
  • Threaded Connector: 3/8"
  • Type: black
  • Weight: 2.05 kg