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Lightronics TX30

The TX-30 is a very compact in line translator which receives USITT DMX-512 signals and transmits the LMX-128 protocol. This is the industry standard multiplex protocol. The unit is powered by the dimmer chain to which it is connected or may optionally be powered by an external plug in power supply. The standard addressing range is 192 channels.

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Category: Lighting:Control:DMX Devices


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DMX input is received via 5 pin male XLR connector. LMX output is via a 3 pin female XLR connector. A "pass-thru" 5 pin female XLR is also provided for the DMX signal. LED indicators display power and input signal status. In addition to DMX and LMX translation, the TX-30 can be supplied to provide translation between a wide range of protocols. In many cases, an upgrade may be retrofitted to an existing TX-30 to install additional capabilities.