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Mackie Reach (Open Box)

Only 1 unit available at this price!

The brand new revolutionary Mackie Reach is hands-down the BEST all-in-one pro PA System on the market! The Mackie Reach will deliver crystal clear sound as well as flexible built-in monitoring to ensure the best sound for both your audience and your performers. The Mackie Reach features a built-in 6-channel digital mixer, complete with wireless streaming control via the Mackie Connect app for smartphone and mobile devices. The Mackie Reach guarantees the best possible sound in ANY situation!

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Mackie Reach utilizes ARC array technology to provide an ultra-wide 150 degrees of coverage for crystal clear sound to your entire audience even in large or wide spaces. With the built-in EarShot personal monitoring system, you get true stage monitoring with unmatched flexibility via side-facing high-output full range speakers to ensure you can hear yourself clearly during your performance. And with the Mackie Connect app, you get wireless control over levels, EQ, FX, monitoring and more.

Product Features:
  • 720-Watt Professional PA System
  • Mackie ARC Array System
  • Mackie EarShot Pro Personal Monitoring System
  • Built-In 6-Channel Digital Mixer
  • Wireless Control via Mackie Connect App