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Middle Atlantic RLNK-MON115-NS


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  • Monitors and logs key power variables including temperature
  • Only power management system to meet InfoComm standard
  • Automatic notification of events outside of defined parameters
  • Respond and control using mobile apps
  • Automatic actions can improve system reliability
  • Automatic notification to specific people for specific issues
  • Easy setup does not require programming

  • RackLink Series power management products shall be Middle Atlantic Products model # RLNK-MON115
    (refer to chart).

  • RackLink power products shall be 2.93H x 7.42W x 3.37D (refer to chart).

  • RackLink shallhave a 15 amp power capacity (refer to chart).

  • RackLink shall provide Basic surge protection (Basic, 2-Stagewith Status Notification, Series refer to chart).

  • RackLink shall provide 1 total outlet, 0 of which shall beindividually controllable.

  • RackLink shall provide auto-shutdown in over or under voltage events with automativ recover.

  • RackLink shall provide sequencing (refer to chart for applicable models).

  • RackLink shall provideauto-shutdown in over or under voltage events with automatic recovery (refer to chart for applicable models).
    RackLink shall include a 3 SignalSafe power cord (refer to chart).

  • RackLink power products shall monitor andlog key environmental variables, including input voltage, load current and local temperature.

  • RackLink shallmonitor specific remote IP devices and services and shall automatically reboot an unresponsive network

  • RackLink shall provide userdefined alert thresholds for input voltage, load current and local temperature and shall issue e-mail notification on any threshold breach and recovery condition.

  • RackLink shall automatically power down, or power up equipment as required on over-temperature condition.

  • RackLink shall allow local export of log files in CSV format, and shall allow log files to be extracted to 3rd party databases via IP or RS-232.

  • RackLink shall include an integrated web server for browser-based access and control.

  • RackLink shall utilize an open-architecture serial communications protocol that is cloud compliant without being cloud
    dependant, and provide an API for seamless integration into any RS-232 or IP based architecture.

  • RackLink shall allow remote access and control via devices using the iOS and Android operating systems using mobile

  • RackLink shall be fully compliant with any control system or aggregator.

  • RackLink shall extend control to anywhere in the facility through dry contacts.

  • RackLink shall be constructed of phosphate pre-treated steel with a black powdercoat finish.

  • RackLink shall be RoHS EU Directive 2002/95/EC compliant.

  • RackLink shall be manufactured by an ISO 9001 registered company.

  • RackLink shall be warrantied to be free from defects in materials and workmanship under normal use and conditions for a period of 3 years. Rackmount power strip shall be ETL Listed to UL standard 60950-1 in US and CSA Listed to CAN/CSA C22.2 #60950-1 in Canada.