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Novation Dicer Case

A custom-designed case for Novations Dicer is now available worldwide. The handy hard-shelled zip-up case keeps the pair of controllers safe and secure, and provides a neat way to carry other equipment, such as turntable cartridges and small accessories.

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Dicer is Novations cue point and looping controller for digital DJ software, and is used by touring DJs around the world. Its compact size lets you transport it easily with your laptop and records; the case makes transportation neater and more convenient, and protects Dicer from damage.

The case has a clam-shell design and is made from EVA (Ethylene Vinyl Acetate), a hard, crack-resistant material. Inside, it has neoprene flaps to secure Dicer, and theres a mesh pouch for storing the associated cables. It is less than 18cm (8") long so hardly takes up any space.