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Philips P-SPP3070I

Home Electronics surge protector features advanced technology to keep your equipment safe from electrical surges/spikes. Power Blocker circuitry automatically shuts down power to your system to protect against subsequent surges.


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Category: Accessories:Cables:Power


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  • 7 Outlets
  • 3 ft cord
  • 980 J
  • Power Blocker automatically shuts down power to the connected devices
  • Clip on Cord management device allows cable/cords to be routed in the same direction for a more organize appearance
  • Right angle flat plug allows for more positioning options and lets furniture sit more closely to the wall
  • Built in Key hole slots can be used for mounting the unit directly to the wall by placing them over the screw heads and lowering into place.
  • Integrated automatic child safety outlets helps keeps children safe from accidental shock.
  • LED lights let you know if your surge protector is functioning properly.