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Pioneer PLX-1000 (Open Box)

Only 2 units available!

Building on expertise accumulated over many years as the top international manufacturer of DJ equipment, Pioneer has carried out an in-depth investigation into turntable users needs in order to produce a user-friendly control layout. This makes it possible to enjoy intuitive DJ play without ever losing your way.

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Category: DJ:Turntables:Direct Drive


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Thanks to its high-torque direct drive system, the PLX-1000 provides stable rotation that can withstand use in venues such as clubs, achieving starting torque of at least 4.5kgcm and reaching the fixed rotation speed within just 0.3 seconds (at 33 1/3 rpm).

The variable width of tempo can be selected from 8%, 16% and 50%, and these wide-ranging tempo controls expand the possibilities of DJ play. Also, simply pressing the RESET button instantly reverts to the fixed rotation speed at 0%.

Since the PLX-1000 uses attachable / detachable power and audio cables, there are no cables getting in the way when transporting the turntable, nor is there any risk of impact when moving or disconnection due to cables getting caught. Users can also interchange the cables as they please in order to customize the sound quality.