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Primacoustic VoxGuard VU

The new Primacoustic VoxGuard VU is an innovative take on the best-selling, hugely popular original VoxGuard! One of the biggest complaints Primacoustic found with the original near-field acoustic absorber was that the vocalist would feel isolated from the studio when behind the VoxGuard. Eye sight is important in a recording studio situation for visual cues, or even just for the talent to feel like they're communicating with everyone else in the room. Primacoustic has now redesigned the VoxGuard to include a small plexiglas window in the middle of the VoxGuard VU which allows for direct line-of-sight between the musician and the rest of the room.

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Category: Recording:Acoustics:Isolation Tools


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Renamed the VoxGuard VU, this updated model now features a 3 x 7 window for optimal sight lines. It is now possible to record an isolated and controlled vocal without losing the all important cues from others in the room!

All of the features and specifications of the original VoxGuard have remained un-touched. The only difference between the original VoxGuard and the new VoxGuard VU is the plexiglas window.