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Pro Tape PGL15

Glow Tape 1" x 5Yd


Pro-Glow has a non-radioactive chemical light source incorporated into a flexible vinyl film that glows in total darkness after exposure to artificial or natural light. The photoluminescent film light source is designed to absorb energy from any nearby ambient light such as fluorescent lamps or sunlight. Once the source of extraneous light is removed, Pro-Glow film immediately emits a light of its own. There is no limit to the number of times this product can be recharged. When fully charged, Pro Glow provides positive luminance for up to 10 hours. This product is recommended for interior applications only.

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Used to spike stages for placement of scenery
Used for marking exits in dark areas
Flexible vinyl backing is conformable and easy to cut to size
Used to mark light switches
Can be printed
Can be die cut to custom sizes and shapes
Lasts for up to ten hours before a recharge is needed


Backing : Vinyl film
Release liner: 75lb Yellow Liner
Thickness : 9 to 11 mils
Color: Light yellow/green glossy appearance
Application Temperature: 50F to 100F
Service Temperature: -20F to 200F
Storage Temperature: Under 70F and 50% relative humidity.

Typical Adhesive Values:
Peel Adhesive Values 30 min. 72 Hours
180 Peel Values 2.5#/in. 4.0#/in.