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QOMO QOMO - QConnect System

30+ BYOD devices can see the Teacher's desktop!
BYOD has never been this easy. Teachers can project their computer screen wirelessly to every student's mobile device, Interactive Whiteboard or Interactive Screen using this innovative new device. So every student can view a lesson presentation from their own iPads, make annotation, and save their notes to study with later!

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Share Microsoft Office documents, PDFs and photos from your iPad using the WiFi-Docs app, so you can take your presentation anywhere you go.

Project iPad and iPhone Screens

Want to project your iOS device? You can project your iPhone or iPad to your screen using AirPlay or AirServer (Download AirServer)and then wirelessly project your computer screen to the interactive whiteboard or screen. Open and use any iPad app, broadcast for an entire audience to see!

Or to roam the classroom, use a mobile device as a tablet to control your projected computer screen.

Note: The QConnect can connect to your building's Wi-Fi. This device doesnotrequire an ethernet connection.