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Quest Media-1

This all-in-one unit includes an AM/FM tuner, a CD player and a media player (SD card & USB). It has 3 audio outputs; 1 variable output for all sources (CD / Media / Tuner), 2 independent fixed outputs, 1 for the CD / Media Player and 1 for the Tuner allowing the user to send 2 separate audio feeds to 2 separate zones.

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Category: Pro Audio:Playback:CD Players


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  • AM/FM Tuner with 6 Presets
  • Single CD Player
  • MP3 Player on SD Card & USB
  • RS232 Controllable
  • 3 separates audio outputs; 1 variable audio output for CD/Media/Tuner, 1 fixed audio output for Tuner only and 1 fixed output for CD/Media.