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Quiklok BS-536

Fixed Height Near-Field Monitor Speaker Stand

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Category: Recording:Studio Monitors:Stands


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  • 36'' (91 cm) F ixed Height.
  • Perfect for home, project or professional recording studios.
  • All-steel, arc welded construction. No fibre or chipboard.
  • Attractive design incorporating cable management clips.
  • Solid tripod base with adjustable levelling floor spikes.
  • Sturdy metal top plate, equipped with rubber foam strips, provides steady and safe support.
  • Vertical columns can be sand loaded to deaden sound and increase stability.
  • Available in scratch-resistant, baked-on, non reflective, black enamel finish.
  • Speaker plate dimensions: 11" square / 28 cm square Fixed Height: 36" - 91,4 cm
  • Diameter of base spread: 19.8" - 50,3 cm
  • Weight capacity: 125 lb - 57 kg
  • Weight: 10 lb - 4.5 kg