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Rapco 12X4-75FF

12 channel, 4 return (12x4) with 4 XLR returns on fan, , 75 foot long Studio Pro Series Snake

Each pair is individually jacketed and has a 100% foil shield.Metal Neutrik "D" series type connectors on a low-profile steel box with raisededges to protect the connectors.Box comes with "Double Out" XLR and 1/4 inch paralleled returns.Your choice of 1/4 inch returns or XLR returnson the fan.Color coded Tech-Flex fan with channel number ID behind each connector.Metal mesh strain relief/grip on box.Metalmesh cable bale on fan end.Hand soldered connectors.Because the wire meets NEC specs for permanent installations, you can run this snakebehind walls, ceilings and floors without conduit (check your local fire codes).

  • Color coded Tech-Flex fan with channel number ID markers behind each connector
  • Metal mesh cable bale on fan end
  • Metal mesh strain relief/grip on box
  • Manufactured in Rapco facilities, by Rapco employees, according the strictest quality standards

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Category: Accessories:Cables:Audio:Snakes


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Insulation: PVC
Shield:Individually jacketed and shielded pairs
Jacket: Matte PVC