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Raxxess CBLD

The Raxxess Cable Depot, Model CBLD - Holds 30 Cables lets you organize your cables, keeping them off the floor, out of the way, and kink-free.

Raxxess makes quality support equipment for audio, office, or computer needs. Data and telecommunications needs are well-served as Raxxess produces high-quality floor and rack mounted solutions for cable management.

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Whether it is a guitar holder, cable depot, music stand, utility shelf, or a place to hang your headphones, you can count on Raxxess to have the answer for you.

    Organize Your Cables
  • Constructed of 16-gauge steel, the CBLD Cable Depot helps you keep your cabling off the floor, out of the way, and kink-free.

  • Extendable
  • The fourteen fingers extend to hold up to forty cables.