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Rycote Mic Protector Case (20cm)

Reliable protection for your valuable microphones. Keep your mics in pristine condition with the supremely tough, water resistant Mic Protector Case.

Tough, multi-layer protection for your microphones.
The brand new Rycote Mic Protector Case is a supremely tough, water resistant case designed to carry and safely protect up to 3 small diaphragm microphones. This Case has been designed with location/production sound professionals firmly in mind. Durable, lightweight and practical, the Mic Protector Case is a really useful addition to your sound kit.

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Robust telescopic PVC tubes for a variety of mic lengths.

As well as offering additional physical protection, the 3 clear plastic Mic Tubes provided are incredibly handy in their own right. With a clever threaded design, each cylindrical tube is extendable from 125mm to 180mm in length.

Foam inserts for cushioned protection.
Each Mic Tube is supplied with 4 foam inserts, to help cushion the microphone within the tube. You can also use the foam inserts to separate multiple smaller microphones within a single Mic Tube, e.g. Schoeps CCMs.

Hexagonal tube-end to prevent your mics rolling on flat surfaces!

The hexagonal tube-end offers another layer of protection, by ensuring your valuable microphone wont accidentally roll off flat surfaces, like tables!

Lightweight carabiner clip for versatility.

The webbed carry loop and lightweight carabiner clip give you plenty of options for keeping the Mic Protector Case close to hand.


  • Fits up to 3 x small diaphragm microphones
  • Super-robust tubular PVC case with heavy-duty outer fabric layer (600D Oxford Nylon)
  • Supplied with three protective, telescopic plastic Mic Tubes
  • Lightweight, webbed carry strap
  • Handy lightweight carabiner for quick & secure fastening
  • Water resistant zip-fastening system with easy pull toggle
  • Silica gel sachets included, to help ensure a healthy climate for your microphones
  • Suitable for a wide range of mics (see Microphone Compatibility)

Includes 3 x PVC Mic Tubes

Mic compatibility
AKG CK91, CK92 & CK93 + SE300 B, P170, C480 B
Audio-Technica AT 831b, AT 8053a, AT4053b, Pro-37, AT 2121, AT4041
Audix SCX1-HC, M1280-BHC
Behringer C-2
BeyerDynamic MCE 85 PV
DPA 4007A, 4018A, 4016, 4017C
Neumann KM 100 & KM 180, KMD series
Oktava MC-012
Rde M5, NT-5, NT-55, NT-6
Sanken CS-1e
Schoeps CMC series, MiniCMIT
Sennheiser e614, e914, ME62 K6, ME64 K6, MKH 20, MKH40, MKH 50 & MKH8060 w/MZX
Shure VP82, KSM141

Approximate Weights & Dimensions
Length (external) 200mm
Diameter (external) 75mm
Weight 300g (Including Mic Tubes & carabiner)
Weight 240g (Without Mic Tubes & carabiner)