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Sennheiser HMD 46-3-6

The HMD 46-3-6 is a very lightweight and comfortable open boomset for controller. It is ideal for air traffic control. The headset is equipped with ActiveGard TM, which protects controllers from the effects of an acoustic burst.FeaturesExtemely light weightSuperb wearing comfort due to patended two-piece automatic headband and soft ear padsFlip-away headphone allows single-sided listeningFlexible microphone boom, can be worn on either left or right-hand sideNoise-compensated dynamic microphone ensures excellent speech transmissionSingle-sided cable, length 1.85 m, easy to exchangeAlso available with PTTActiveGard safeguards the user from the effects of an acoustic burst

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Category: Microphones:Wireless:Headset Microphones


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