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Shure P10T

The P10T is a networkable, full-rack, dual channel wireless transmitter used in conjunction with the P10R Wireless Bodypack Receiver as part of the PSM1000 Personal Monitor System. It offers a 72 MHz wide tuning bandwidth, networked remote control via Wireless Workbench software, advanced rechargeability options, and PSM900 backwards compatibility.

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Category: Live Performance:In-Ear Monitors:Wireless Systems


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Connections include balanced and XLR, loop out, dual Ethernet ports, and headphone monitor out.

Comes with front or back mountable antennas, and power and Ethernet jumper cables.

Product Features:
  • Full rack, dual-channel transmitter in a professional, touring grade chassis
  • 72 MHz wide tuning range provides flexibility and performance in crowded, unpredictable RF environments
  • Networkable over Ethernet connection to provide comprehensive frequency coordination and transmitter remote control via Wireless Workbench software
    • RF mute enable/disable
    • RF output power adjustments
    • Aux/line level
    • Audio input level
    • Channel/device name edit
    • Firmware updates
  • Backwards-compatible with PSM900 receivers
  • RF Mute Switch allows system setup without causing RF interference
  • Sync RF scan information from a P10R bodypack quickly and easily over IR link
  • Switchable 10/50/100 mW output power provides a robust RF link in a variety of performance environments
  • Spectrum display provides a detailed frequency plot on the menu screen with selectable zoom
  • Front panel audio input gain adjustment and LED level meter with clipping indicator
  • Exceptional transmitter linearity vastly reduces frequency intermodulation, allowing more compatible channels per frequency range
  • High-contrast LCD with grouped menu items provides an intuitive user interface
  • Front or back mountable antennas
  • Compatible with PA421A and PA821A antenna combiners
  • Loop out connectors for multiple mix setups and easy installation
  • Switchable +4dBu and -10 dBV input level
  • Balanced, " and XLR connectors
  • 1/8" headphone out on the front panel for easy monitoring

Product Specifications:
  • RF Output Power: Selectable: 10, 50, 100 mW (+20 dBm) *varies by region
  • RF Output Impedance: 50 (typical)
  • Net Weight: 850 g
  • Dimensions: 483 mm x 343 mm x 44 mm
  • Power Requirement: Input: 100240V AC, 50/60 Hz, 0.5A max (5.5 max outlet loaded) / Output: 100240V AC, 5A max, unswitched
  • Connector Type: Combination XLR and 6.35 mm (1/4) TRS
  • Polarity: XLR: Non-inverting (pin 2 positive with respect to pin 3) / 6.35 mm (1/4) TRS: Tip positive with respect to ring
  • Configuration: Electronically balanced
  • Impedance: 70.2 k (actual)
  • Nominal Input Level: Switchable: +4 dBu, 10 dBV
  • Maximum Input Level: +4 dBu: +29.2 dBu / 10 dBV: +12.2 dBu
  • Pin Assignments: XLR: 1=ground, 2=hot, 3=cold / 6.35 mm (1/4) TRS: Tip=hot, Ring=cold, Sleeve=ground
  • Phantom Power Protection: Up to 60 V DC
  • Connector Type: 6.35 mm (1/4) TRS
  • Configuration: Electronically balanced
  • Impedance: Connected directly to inputs