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Studiomaster M8SA

2 UNITS AVAILABLE. Only selling as a pair! Please order a quantity of 2 units.

The M series is the latest development of studio monitors from Studiomaster featuring three full range cabinets and one low frequency sub. The M8SA is an 8" active sub bass monitor with XLR and 1/4" jack connections, and 90W RMS.

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Their design ensures you critical monitoring of your mixes, through expert development from the speaker cones to the baffle moulding, providing optimal dispersion. The mdf internally braced cabinets are exceptionally ridged giving vibration free performance. The rubber surround, sandwich constructed cones produce a smooth frequency response.

Studiomaster have a history dating back to 1976, and their huge amount of experience and knowledge is reflected in the products offered to you today. Their products are manufactured to the highest quality standards, and are designed to give you the customer many years of trouble-free use.

Product Features:
  • Frequency Response +/-3dB: 45 - 500Hz
  • LF Power RMS: 90W
  • Drivers LF: 8"
  • Crossover: 100Hz
  • Input Sensitivity: +4dBu
  • Connection: XLR + 1/4" jack