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Symetrix Express 4X4 Cobra (B-Stock)

Product Features:

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Category: Pro Audio:Processing


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  • ARC Wall panels easily integrate with Express hardware for simple user control via CAT5 cable to rear RJ-45 jack.
  • CobraNet technology shares audio between units supporting 16 inputs and 16 outputs of CobraNet audio over Ethernet, in addition to the analog I/O.
  • Intended for single unit installations and installations with minor expansion requirements.
  • RS-232 port on the rear panel for initial configuration and to connect to external control systems from AMX, Crestron, and others.
  • One channel of analog audio may be routed to or from the wall panel over the CAT5 cable for paging or monitoring needs.
  • RS-485 port available for extending the ARC and external control capacity
  • Transmits and receives up to sixteen channels each of audio and SymNet control data over a CobraNet network
  • Single rack
  • Ethernet, ARC port, ARC audio port, RS-232, RS-485. Two analog control inputs, one relay output, two open collector outputs, and optional redundant power supply. Twelve mic/line inputs with phantom power, four line outputs