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The Light Source LED-DF100-WWB (B-Stock)


100 Watt fully dimming LED Pendant Down Light with a 6" Tempered Borosilicate Fresnel lens and a wide even field.

Extremely smooth dimming. Adjustable Thermal Mass Equivalence setting on channel 512 allows adjustment of the dimming curve to mimic incandescent lamp sources, or instant on/off like a strobe with the full range in between. Brighter than a 500 watt quartz light, yet the light beam is cool!

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Category: Lighting:LED:Architectural Lighting


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Special 1/8th DMX communication chips allow up to 256 of these fixtures to run on one DMX line, instead of the normal 32.

Standard power input via PowerCon connector. Mating PowerCon Cable end connector is provided. Optional 1/2" conduit opening for power connection with metalic flex. Also avilable is SJOW 16/3 cord with or without a 20 amp 120V, 240V, or 277V connector. Universal AC power supply input accepts 100V to 277V without adjustment or settings. Input current varies proportionally with input voltage. Max 1.2 amps at 100V, .5A at 277V. Power factor over 90 percent.

Product Features & Specifications:
  • Warm White: 3,100 K 82 CRI 7,000 Lumens
  • Fixture Yoke has a mounting hole for 3/8" threaded rod or beam clamp.
  • Beam diameter in feet = 1.67 x throw distance. Warm White Beam intensity in foot candles = 4,675 divided by the throw distance squared.
  • 3 year warranty on fixture.
  • ETL Listed