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Universal Audio LA-610 MKII

Universal Audio has resurrected the vintage "all tube" microphone pre-amplifier design of its vintage LA-610, with the LA-610 Mk II. They've taken the microphone pre/EQ/DI circuitry of the 610 with its time-tested channel strip format and combined it with the Teletronix T4 opto-compressor, and placed it in a 2U rack.

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The Mark II version of the LA-610 professional top-selling audio channel strip is outfitted with twenty-first century updates like larger bolder metering, a compressor circuit that features true by-pass, an improved output signal, and an auto-sensing power supply. Yet it retains the classic sound exemplified by Van Halen I and the Beach Boys Pet Sounds. The LA-610 Mk II retains the well-remembered warmth of the vintage LA-610's pre-amped tone and the smoothness of its natural sounding compression but, thanks to modern technology, has none of the noise associated with vintage.

While its foundation rests on the 610 tube preamplifier and equalizer designed and used by 60's legend Bill Putnam to create numerous recordings, its soul is the T4 cell, an update of the electro/optical detector that was the heart of the LA-2A. The T4's unique circuitry combines photo resistors with an electro-luminescent panel to duplicate the signature sound reminiscent of the LA-2A, also giving the LA-610 MK II the same simplicity of operation and precise musical control that made the LA-2A such a sought-after classic for over 40 years.

UA has given the LA-61 MK II a cosmetic make-over with a sexy black-on-black design that clearly sets it apart from its predecessor. Packed with tremendous sound versatility, the LA-61 Mk II makes an ideal front-end for tracking with modern Digital Audio Workstations. Its accessible price puts it within reach of serious project studios looking to recapture the character and quality of the classic UA sound experience.

Product Features:
  • All-tube mic preamp design derived from legendary Bill Putnam-designed 610 modular console
  • Authentic Teletronix LA-2A-style T4 opto-compressor section
  • MkII exclusive features include: true compressor bypass, larger metering, increased output, and auto-switching power supply
  • Mic pre with Gain and Level controls, variable impedance switching, and instrument DI for recording tone color
  • High and Low frequency shelving EQ
  • Complete vintage channel strip at groundbreaking price within project studio reach
  • UA build quality and heritage, audiophile components, hand-assembled in the USA
  • Backed by 1-Year limited warranty

MkII Improvements:
  • True Bypass of the Compressor Circuit
  • Larger and Better Lit Metering
  • Improved Output Signal Performance
  • Auto-Sensing Universal Power Supply
  • Improved stability with feedback-style shelving EQ
  • Improved consistency with Input Gain values
  • LED Jewel Light Never Needs Replacing

Product Specifications:
  • Mic, Line and Hi-Z Input, Line Output
  • Dual Impedance Mic and Hi-Z inputs (Mic: 2K, 500, Hi-Z: 2.2M, 47K)
  • 5 position Stepped Preamp Input Gain, Continuous Preamp Output Level
  • -15dB Pad Switch (15dB Pad/Off)
  • Phase reverse (0/180)
  • 48 volt Phantom Power switch (+48v/Off)
  • +/- 9 dB stepped High Shelving Filter (4.5, 7, 10 kHz)
  • +/- 9 dB stepped Low Shelving Filter (70, 100, 200 Hz)
  • T4 Optical Compressor with Continuous Peak Reduction and Makeup Gain
  • Compress/Limit/Bypass Modes of Dynamic Operation (3:1 / : 1)
  • Meter Source Selector Switch (Preamp/Gain Reduction/Compressor)
  • Front Panel Power switch (On/Off)
  • Custom Altran and Cinemag Transformers