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Videon Greylock HD SDI-HDMI

The best value.
You dont have to pay exorbitant prices to get a professional-grade product. Supporting resolutions up to 1080p60, this encoder/decoder gives you high definition H.264 video encode with the added bonus of built-in decode capability. Better yet, its easy to use, with a web UI and straightforward setup process. Greylock brings affordable encoding to AV over IP workflows without sacrificing quality.

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Built on trusted silicon.
Videon has unique partnerships that give you access to the best silicon technology. Usually reserved for only the biggest consumer electronics OEMs, the Intel Atom CE5300 is a high-quality Dual Core 1.2GHz media processor. With Intel, you know youre getting a quality product.

Across a range of AV markets.
Intel silicon gives Greylock low power, small form factor, and high reliability. Designed specifically for applications where affordability is important, Greylock fits into a variety of AV workflows. And if it isnt a perfect fit for your needs, consider working with Videons engineers to customize a solution. With modifiable features and IO, this encoder/decoder can be tailored to simply move your media from any source to any screen.


  • Affordable high-performance encoder/decoder based on one of the most trusted names in silicon: the Intel Atom media processor
  • Energy efficient with a small form factor and easy-to-use user interface
  • Ideally suited for AV installations including houses of worship, live events, sports and education
  • Easily stream AV over IP for houses of worship, live events, sports and education.
  • Flexible data paths move content from any source to any screen.
  • Based on Intel Atom CE5300 media processor.