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The new Vox AC4TV is a modern take off the classic Vox AC4 amp. The new Vox AC4TV guitar amplifier is a small format tube amp that is astoundingly flexible. The Vox AC4TV is designed with a unique "retro-inspired" cosmetic appeal and features multiple output modes; 4-Watts, 1-Watt or 1/4-Watt, which gives you the ability to perform with a classic VOX Tone at any volume level to certain any gig environment.

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The Vox AC4TV uses a Class-A power amp and still uses the original (and distinctive) EL84 power tube from the original AC4. However the AC4TV also uses a 12AX7 powered pre-amplifier to drive its tailored Celestion 10" speaker. All this combined, the Vox AC4TV is sure to provide you with the classic British top-end tone and this amp will be heard as "unmistakably VOX!"

Product Features & Specifications:
  • Controls: Tone, Volume, OP Level (4W, 1W, W)
  • In/Out Jacks: Input, External Speaker Jack (")
  • Output: 4 Watt RMS 16-Ohm
  • Speakers: AC4TV 1 x 10" 16-Ohm Celestion VX10 custom speaker;
  • Valve/Tube Complement: 1 x 12AX7 (pre) / 1 x EL84 (power) AC4TV
  • Dimensions: 13.78""(W) x 8.46" (D) x 14.76" (H); AC4TV
  • Weight: 19.84 lbs.; Power cable included