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Washburn TCP130SWK

Each instrument in the Timeless Collection is rare and unique in that it is built with reclaimed wood that is 140 or more years old. Reclaimed from European Fir beams, trusses and joists from old buildings such as farms, pubs, and bridges in the UK. Only 1% of 1% is suitable to become Timeless tonewood.

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Category: Live Performance:Guitars:Acoustic


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Dry, stiff, and light, European Fir is tonally rich, deep and loud, exhibiting the crispness of a Spruce and the warmth of Redwood and Cedar. Four all-solid instruments are available in the Timeless Collection: A Parlor guitar, a F-Style mandolin, an A-Style mandolin and a Celtic mandolin. Each Timeless Collection instrument includes a hardshell case and a cut steel nail encased in acrylic pulled from the reclaimed beams used to build a Timeless, authenticating its 140+ year old origin.