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iOgrapher GO

Special Note: pictures show product in use with cameras and accessories which are not included with purchase). The iOgrapher GO is made out of a lightweight ABS Polycarbonate Plastic, and is made in California. The iOgrapher GO is a video mount that features iOgrapher's signature handle system, that gives action cam shooters that stable, steadicam feel.

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Category: Video & Multimedia:Accessories:Mounts


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Designed to Fit:
  • GoPro
  • Sony Action Cam
  • Canon Vixia Mini
  • Blackmagic Micro Cinema Cam

Product Features:
  • 3 separate shoe mounts allowing you to attach an HD monitor, a microphone and even a light
  • -20 screw to attach a tripod
  • Specific shoe mount to attach your action camera
  • Handles for the stable grip