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iOgrapher iPadMINI4

Who says you need elaborate camera gear to take professional, high-quality video?

With the iOgrapher case, all your need is your iPad Mini 4 to create a truly powerful filmmaking device.

No more shaky, low-quality videos! The iOgrapher case will help you steady your video plus give you the flexibility to add all the attachments you need to shoot your best videos.

Far smaller and more lightweight than traditional filming gear, you can easily carry it around with you on a day of filming. Its perfect for shooting both with and without the tripod.

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Category: Video & Multimedia:Accessories:Mounts


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  • Patented handles system on both sides for extra stability and mobility
  • 3 cold shoes on top to mount extra lights and microphones with ease
  • 1/4 20 on the bottom for simple tripod attachment
  • 1/4 20 on each handle to add accessories
  • New easy-in easy-out clip system to attach your device quickly
  • 37mm threading to attach lenses
  • Lenses not included, must be purchased separately