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iOgrapher iPhone6/7

No access to a big, fancy video studio? No worries!

With iOgrapher's filmmaking cases, all you need is your phone to have your very own filmmaking powerhouse.

Why rely on your shaky hands or bulky camera gear when you dont have to?

Lightweight enough to go with you while you conquer mountains (both literally and figuratively), this case will give you the filming stability and attachment flexibility you need to capture your best moments and then share these moments with your impressed family, friends and followers.

The new case has all the features you know and love from the iPhone 6 case this time optimized especially for the iPhone 7.

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Category: Video & Multimedia:Accessories:Mounts


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  • New easy-in easy-out clip system to attach your device quickly
  • Case made specially to fit the iPhone 7
  • 20 bottom thread for simple tripod attachment
  • 20 thread on right to switch effortlessly to portrait mode (great for Periscope users!)
  • 37 mm lens clip to add iOgrapher lenses and get your best shot
  • 2 cold shoes on top to attach extra lights and microphones with ease
  • Patented handles system on both sides for extra stability and mobility