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DJ Gear

If you want to be a successful DJ, you need to have all the right equipment to make sure your sound is clear and music is flawlessly mixed. PA Shop sells DJ equipment online and has everything you need, whether you're just getting started or if you've been doing it for years and are looking to upgrade your gear. We only stock products from reliable and trustworthy manufacturers and feature brands like Pioneer, Native Instruments, Numark and Denon. From USB DJ systems and controllers, CD players, turntables and mixers, we have a wide selection of different models and brands that work for all needs and budgets. Whether you prefer old school turntables or digital media sources, we sell what you need to expertly blend sounds from different music sources. If you're looking for DJ accessories like headphones, timecode vinyl, slipmats, stands or even the right software to get started, shop with the PA Shop. Get free shipping across Canada on most orders over $99.00.