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It all started in 1989 on my kitchen table and I would have never thought that the one-man kitchen-table startup would develop into one of the largest and most successful pro-audio companies in the world.

It became my personal mission and later the Companys philosophy to provide professional products at prices every musician could afford. This formed the BEHRINGER mantra Double the Features at Half the Price which literally created a new Prosumer or home-recording market that had not existed before.

Over all these years we relentlessly invested in the best people, infrastructure and quality systems. Just look at our immense investments in MUSIC Group City, in over 250 R&D engineers, in cutting-edge infrastructure, and in the best manufacturing equipment and you will understand that BEHRINGER has become a truly industry-leading enterprise.

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Behringer CL108

ONLY 2 SPEAKERS LEFT, SELLING AS A PAR! (Please order 2 units, price is per speaker)With precision-engineered wave guides and computer modeled transducers, the Behringer CL108 speakers deliver superior sonic performance. Their refined aesthetic design compliments even the most sophisticated interior...

Behringer CL108T

ONLY 2 SPEAKERS LEFT, SELLING AS A PAR! (Please order 2 units, price is per speaker)With precision-engineered wave guides and computer modeled transducers, Behringer's CL108T loudspeakers deliver superior sonic performance. These commercial speakers refined aesthetic design compliments even the most...

Behringer DI20

The ULTRA-DI DI20 is a one-of-a-kind DI (direct injection) box that can convert up to two separate unbalanced 1/4" TRS lines into two balanced XLR outputs, or function as a signal splitter. Electric guitarists, keyboardists and bassists will love the flexibility this incredible box provides.Mono, Stereo...

Behringer PSU-HSB-ALL

Product Features:
  • 1.7 A current capacity can power more than 20 effects pedals, keyboards and other DC 9 V gear*
  • Supplied with a full complement of connectors and jumper cords for total compatibility
  • Includes 4 assorted jumper cables and 2 daisy-chain cables each with 5 connectors
  • Takes...

Behringer Monitor1

Behringer Monitor1

Behringer PSU-SB

Use our new general purpose DC 9 V power adapter PSU-SB to power virtually all your guitar or bass guitar stomp boxes and effects pedals.This adapter provides a generous 100 mA current to power both analog and digital products. For connection, the PSU-SB features a standard DC-type 2.2 mm plug with negative...


The AT108 is the guitar amp that puts vintage tone and character in a light, portable package. It's a beautiful-sounding amp for beginners in their bedrooms as well as seasoned performers who need a discreet sidekick for their next gig.Ask any guitarist what they want most from an amp and theyll answer...

Behringer ECM8000

To get the best sound in any room, you must first understand the rooms acoustics. The ECM8000 is a specialized condenser microphone designed for use with real-time analyzers, such as our ULTRACURVE DEQ2496, to provide an accurate acoustic picture of the room. You can then use your graphic EQ to fine-tune...

Behringer KT108

The ULTRATONE KT108 specializes in clean, powerful sound. With this 15-Watt workhorse in your rig, your keyboards will sound their best gig after gig.Channel Your SoundThe KT108 gives you two channels, each with independent VOLUME dials. A three-band EQ allows you to shape your tone. It has a CD INPUT...

Behringer MS8000

When it comes to connectivity on the stage or in the studio, you can never have too much and thats where the ultra-flexible MS8000 8-Channel Microphone Splitter makes all the difference. The MS8000 provides the ideal solution for live and recording musicians who need to send signals to multiple locations,...