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Since 1985, the Digiflex name has been synonymous with quality. Many of the worlds biggest names in the entertainment and production industries turn to Digiflex for their custom cabling needs.Our highly skilled design and manufacturing team is ready to take on any of your custom products, no matter what the complexity. We have a solid background in the audio and electronics industry with a passion for our work.

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Digiflex N25-XX

The Digiflex Tourflex balanced XLRmicrophone/audio cable with Neutrik XLR connectors.Lifetime warranty....

Digiflex N15-XFP

Digiflex Professional Touring Series microphone cables have the perfect mix of proven high quality and ruggedness to withstand the rigours of professional touring. A high density pure copper shield and tightly twisted conductors combined with a very flexible jacket ensure these audio patch cables will...

Digiflex NK2/6

Digiflex NK2/6 Black Microphone Cable (per meter)

Digiflex N3-XX

Digiflex N3-XX 3ft Microphone Cable

Digiflex PR-16PR-BLACK

Digiflex PR-16PR-BLACK 16ch Snake Cable Raw

Digiflex HXX-25

Musicflex 25ft XLR Mic Cable from Digiflex. Musiflex series entry-level XLR microphone cables are assembled overseas by Neutrik China. Very competitive in price. Molded plastic strain relief and a quality twisted pair cable is perfect for moderate use....

Digiflex HSSB-15

Digiflex HSSB-15 15ft TRS Cable

Digiflex N6-XX

Digiflex N6-XX NK2/6 Mic Cable XLRM to XLRF Connecters

Digiflex N10-XX

Digiflex N10-XX XLR Microphone Cables

Digiflex HIN-1S-2RB-10

Stereo TRS output to dual RCA