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Genus creates award winning and innovative products for the video and photography professional. The Genus range of products are designed and built to exacting standards. At Genus, we believe in having an active conversation with our customers. We are committed to making the products you need. Genus products are extensive field tested by video and photography professionals in the most demanding environments.

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Genus TGSNDF67

The Genus ND Fader is a compact all-in-one variable neutral density fader filter that has up to 4 stops of light reduction with just the twist of your wrist. Giving you clear and precise shots at whichever density you are using. The GNDF screws in beautifully onto your lens and is an invaluable tool...

Genus TGAR67

Not all lenses are made to the same diameter, therefore a lens adaptor ring is required to attach your lens to a matte box. Made from high grade aluminium, Genus lens adaptor rings are precision crafted to ensure that each one will screw on to your lens smoothly. Angled grooves on the outer circumference...


The Genus GARD-NK Nun's Knickers Do-nut Adaptor Ring (so called as an industry tongue-in-cheek nick-name) is a do-nut ring fitted with a black-out fabric cover that wraps around the barrel of your lens to block out any light completely. The 105mm plastic ring fits snugly into your matte box and the elasticated...


The Genus G-BFOC Bravo Follow Focus System, built for DSLR cameras, comes with a 0.8mm pitch gear and smooth rotation to give you perfect focus to your shots. Pair it with the Genus G-FG flexible lens gear ring to make it a complete follow focus package. Features Thread-through bar bracket to give...


Genus TGCSMCOUW Counter Weight


Genus TGCSMHDPAD Heavy Duty Shoulder Pad


Genus TGCSMHDPADK Genus Shoulder Pad and Bracket


Whether you are after a light weight kit or a full production solution for your DSLR or video camera, the modular design of our components allow you to quickly build up or strip down your rig to suit. By utilising industry standard 15 mm rods the shoulder rig forms the core of an ever expanding range...


French Flags are attached to the matte box to prevent light flare onto the camera lens. Made from high grade aluminium and finished in a non-reflective black coating, the Genus French Flag (GFFW) can easily be fix onto either the Genus Standard or Wide 4x4 matte box and adjusted to the desired angle...


The Genus G-HEB Height Extension Bracket provides allows you to adjust the height of the Genus GWMC Matte Box The bracket is designed to attach to industry standard 15mm rods.The G-HEB bracket is simple to attach to your existing GWMC matte box The central riser allows you to vary the height of...