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At HeadHunters we believe that we have created an essential premium drumstick using world renowned Canadian Rock Maple, a wood that is noted for its beauty, strength, and acoustical qualities. All Headhunters drumstick tips are rounded, allowing for warm and articulate cymbal tones.

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Headhunters MG CCC

The MG CCC model are 17.75mm diameter. All the C Series are 16in (405mm) in length. Their tapers are slightly shorter than the B Series and the C Series are a bit beefer in the midsection. This profile allows this stick to be applied in slightly more aggressive playing styles....

Headhunters HC 7A

Headhunters HC 7A Hickory Classic 7A

Headhunters HG A

Headhunters HG A Hickory Grooves A

Headhunters HG B

Headhunters HG B Hickory Grooves B

Headhunters HG C

Headhunters HG C Hickory Grooves C

Headhunters MG A

Headhunters MG A Maple Grooves A

Headhunters MG AAA

Headhunters MG AAA Maple Grooves AAA

Headhunters MG BB

Maple Grooves BB (Length 405mm / Diameter 17mm)

16? (405mm) length with a long straight taper from the tip to the butt. Featuring a precise and easy to control feel, the B Series excels as an ideal all-around drumstick; suitable for all types of players and musical genres.


Headhunters MG BBB

Headhunters MG BBB Maple Grooves BBB

Headhunters MGB BOP

Headhunters MGB BOP Maple Grooves B Bop