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Hotone Xtomp

XTOMP is an ultrathin effects pedal stompbox that simulates all kinds of iconic classic, vintage, and modern pedals through its growingeffects library of over 300 models. XTOMP uses iOS* and Android* app to manage all your effects and transfers them to your stompbox via Bluetooth Smart*.


Hotone Nano Legacy Cabinet NLC-1

The Nano Legacy Cabinet was designed from the bottom up especially for Nano amp heads, but it can be matched with any micro head you like, and it works for guitar and bass alike!In order to guarantee a good bass response and quality highs and mids, the Nano Legacy Cabinet utilizes a special Hotone-designed...

Hotone DCA-10

10-Plug Angled Head DC Power Cable idea for use with pedal boards and maintaining a clean, neat look. Features:
  • 24AWG oxygen-free copper inner core
  • 3.5mm wire diamters
  • over 25 cm between plugs

Hotone DCA-5

Daisy Chain DC Power Cable with 5-plug angled head DC Power Cable...

Hotone British Invasion NLA-1

British Invasion is a 5W Class AB guitar amplifier head.It captures the main characteristics of the legendary AC30 at low volume.

Tweak the 3-band EQ, Volume and Gain knobs to recreate some authentic British Sound in your living room!


  • Sound inspired by Legendary...

Hotone Heart Attack NLA-3

Heart Attack is the newest member of the Nano line, and it is for metal heads.It is similar to the other Nano amp heads in its compact design and five huge watts of output. But it is unique in sound and feel.The Heart Attack design is based on the Mesa Boogie Rectifier*, offering metal players that...

Hotone Mojo Diamond NLA-5

Mojo Diamond is the newest member of the Nano line.It is a 5w Class AB guitar amplifier head inspired by legendary Fender Tweed*.Like the original Tweeds, Mojo Diamond has a tiny body and loud, sweet sound.With the 3-band EQ, Volume and Gain control, you can easily create some shining sound that makes...

Hotone Purple Wind NLA-2

Purple Wind is a 5W Class AB Guitar Amplifier Head.

It captures the main tonal characteristics of the legendary Plexi Super Lead.

With 3-band EQ and Gain/Volume control you're set for classic rock on the stage or at home.


  • Sound inspired by the legendary...

Hotone Thunder Bass NLA-4

Thunder Bass, which we all guessed, is an amp head for bassists.Based on the Ampeg SVT*, Hotone somehow got all the big thunderous sound into a mini-sized amp.Whether you are the bassist in the spotlight or the one keeping the pulse in the shadows, this solid amp will suit. Flexible and dynamic, its...

Hotone Komp SCS-1

The Hotone KOMP stompbox is an optical compressor thatprovides a smooth compressed tone, while maximizing the punch of your notes.You will feel as if every sound from your amp was mastered in the studio.

Use the SPARK button to insert more high end into yoursound.

Inspired by the legendary...